The Weekly Recap #67

Recipe: Corn and Calabrian Chili Pasta

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Back in April, a crew of workers started construction on a new mile and a half long trail through the woods behind our house. This was a project we were warned about by our elderly neighbors every month since we moved in over two years ago. They wrote letters and held meetings to try and stop the trail but it was clear to us that it was happening no matter what. When an army of construction vehicles drove down our street one day we all knew it was indeed happening and the crotchety, but wonderful, older folks on our street had lost the battle.

The construction itself wasn’t too disruptive. There were a few days where their 6 am start time was a nuisance but it was rather painless. The worst part was the disruption to our animals. Not Josie and the cats but the deer that live in the woods. Most mornings, especially in the spring, I spend a few minutes watching them from the window. I started to recognize the different groups. We saw the mommas get bigger and bigger and then eventually bring their babies to our yard with them. The best is when you see young bucks with growing antlers. During the last five months, we saw hardly any deer, and if we did it was on the weekends when construction wasn’t happening.

September, a transitional month, has let us know she is here. The evenings have been cooler, the humidity is gone, and things feel crisp outside. Summer feels sticky and experiencing crisp air is a real treat. The trail is completed and the hum of construction is gone. The best part—the deer are back. Tuesday morning I opened my blinds and saw three deer, two girls and a young buck, right outside our bedroom window. I have seen them every day since in different parts of the neighborhood. Maybe they are coming to eat the apple cores that Marco and I threw in the backyard during a contest to see who could throw further (he smoked me). Or they are just claiming their area again and getting ready for fall. Regardless I am grateful to have them back.

Should we address the apples? While my inlaws were in town we went apple picking at Weston Family Orchard. We picked 25+ lbs of Gala, Jonathan, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith apples. My first project was an apple tart with toasted almond and brown butter frangipane (unreal). Then I made a pie and almost lost my shit with the GF crust. A terrine was my final dessert project and it was beyond good. We have eaten baked apples with ice cream, many cups of apple chips, and apples and peanut butter galore. We still have a big bowl of apples and I am happy to report that I still enjoy them even after eating many many apples this past week.


Jammy Eggs, Roasted Potatoes, & Bacon

Crème Anglaise Ice Cream Base

Slow Simmered Cherry Tomato Sauce

Wing It Recipe

We may be heading into fall but summer produce is still available and you should make the most of it! Six ingredients, 20 minutes, easy pasta recipe for you below, enjoy!

Corn and Calabrian Chili Pasta

4 Ears of corn, kernels removed (or a cup or two of frozen corn kernels)

1 box (12oz -ish) Pasta

1 Small onion, diced

1 Garlic clove, sliced

4-5 Calabrian chilis, sliced

2T Butter

Parm for serving

Prep all your ingredients before starting your pasta. Drop the pasta in the water and do everything else while it cooks.

Add a tablespoon or two of olive oil to a large saute pan over medium-low heat. Saute the onion for about 3 minutes until it is translucent. Add garlic and Calabrian chili and continue to cook for a minute until fragrant.

Add corn kernels, about a half cup of pasta water, and 2T butter. Cook for a few minutes. You’ll notice the kernels turn bright yellow.

When the pasta is al dente, transfer it to the corn. Toss everything together, season with salt and pepper, and let any remaining liquid evaporate a bit. We don’t want it soupy.

Serve with lots of parm and more pepper. Enjoy!

People To Follow

People To Follow is back this week and say hello to Julia! I taught a cooking class for Julia here in KC and learned about the super cute accessory line she has. Check them out on her website, she ships all over!

Hi! I’m Julia, the designer and maker behind Julia Eden accessories. I started Julia Eden barely a year ago out of a love for fashion, a necessity to create beauty and my belief that a good accessory can transform any outfit. I love the way a bold leather bag or an interesting earring can make even my t-shirt and jeans feel special. And I love having the opportunity to design pieces that make other women feel special too. 

I’ve been working on our Fall collection over the last couple of months, which is launching in just a few days! You’ll find leather clutches and small bags in bold colors, prints and iconic tiger motifs. Modern statement earrings made from a mix of brass and acrylic. And leather headbands perfect for finishing your look. 

My workdays look like sourcing leather and fabric. Finding interesting components for our statement earrings. Cutting, sewing, assembling, photographing and all the other things it takes to run a business. Whew! But most of my time is spent taking care of my family. I’m married to an amazing man, Jon and have 3 super cool boys, Sebastian, Amos and Abner. 

You can follow Julia Eden @shopjuliaeden on Instagram or shop at

Stuff to Read

Recipe Inspo

Listen To This

I love Moby, always have. Did you know he has a tea room in NY and he had a Vegan restaurant in LA? He rocks.

Places I ate

Rockhill Grille has outdoor eating that doesn't feel like last-minute cheap pandemic tables outside, ya know? It was real booths, cool lights, loud music, and a great time. Their menu hasn’t changed, I don’t think it ever does, but all the staples were good. Brussel sprout salad, Rockhill salad with CORNBREAD CROUTONS, and the tater tots stuffed with cheese. All very good. Take advantage of the perfect weather and grab a table outside this month!

Thing Everybody Needs

A short story about ladles. I had a cheap plastic $5 ladle until two months ago. Sure, it worked fine but it sucked. For years I had been saying I was going to buy a decent ladle but never did. One day Marco tried to surprise me with a beautiful All-Clad ladle that he “got at a great price.” When it arrived we discovered it was a mini gravy ladle…good thing I didn’t get rid of the cheap plastic one. More time went on and I saw a silicone ladle recommended in Food & Wine. After years of wanting a ladle, I finally pulled the trigger. It’s only $13 and it ROCKS! The silicone is great to smush into the sides of a pot and get every last drop of liquid out.

You definitely need this GIR Ladle.

Shop The Full List

Animal Cuteness

“Do I have to take a bath?”

This morning before I made my coffee I saw eight deer, eight! Three bucks, one young and two older, which is rare. We get tons of females and babies but I usually only see bucks on a special occasion. The youngest one got into a little fight with another buck. They playfully rammed each other with their antlers for a good while. The sound of them clanking together behind the whistle of wind through the trees was pure magic. I stood there barefoot in my PJs watching the herd for close to thirty minutes.

Happy Sunday, keep an eye out for deer!!

See you next week, M.