I’m a classically trained cook, ex-personal chef, recipe developer, food writer, and culinary instructor. I wear many hats but everything I do involves food and this is a place where I write about all the stuff I cook to help you become a better cook. I also ramble about my life outside the kitchen and share one too many details with the people of the internet…but it’s fun and I like it!

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Later on (I don’t know when but soon) I’ll bring back my recipe club for paid subscribers. If you are an OG subscriber you know what I am talking about. If you are new here, welcome! Go back and look through the archive for old recipe newsletters #1-68. All recipes from 2022 have been unlocked and are available for you to explore and hopefully make! Send pics if you do.

Some hits have been:

I love food and cooking has saved my life many times. Being able to pop into your inbox and talk about it makes my time in the kitchen even more fun. So thanks for being here!!

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Talk to you soon! Xx

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