The Weekly Recap #70

Another wedding

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Coming to you live from Park City. This traveling girl is ready for a break! I don’t know how people travel all the time. I miss having a routine, homecooked meals, and my pets! All of our travels have been for fun events but man it is exhausting. While Kansas City and LA are still hanging on to summer, Park City is in full fall mode. The mountains are covered in yellow, pink, and orange trees. The high has only been in the 60s and the nights have been in the 30s! We got in a few hikes and were happy to be back in the mountains.

This wedding was our third wedding in the last three months and Marco has a fourth to go to in two weeks. This may or may not be a surprise but I love weddings. I love the small details that go into the event, getting dressed up, and the energy and love in the room full of people. One of the best parts? Dancing. I’m a big dancer.

My hack for every wedding is to bring sandals. Really, just put a pair of sandals in your purse. Havaianas stacked on top of each other are extremely thin and slip nicely into a clutch. If I want something cuter, I bring a pair of feather slides in a nice dust bag from some other shoes I have. I make Marco carry it and no one really asks anything about it.

Once you sit down for dinner you are usually in the clear to pop your heels off under the table. Knowing that relief is coming makes wearing any heels tolerable through the ceremony and cocktail hour. Once you get your sandals on, you can enjoy dinner and the second that DJ says please join us on the dancefloor you are ready to get down. The dinner shoe change has allowed me to dance the horah for extra long periods of time, be able to run across the room efficiently to grab something, and keeps me in a better mood than if I were wearing heels all night. So start bringing sandals to weddings and be confident in your shoe change. After all, it is better than being barefoot all night.

Okay okay, so, summer is done this we all know but last week at the farmers market in LA there were a ton of tomatoes still. If you see any swoop them up and make Roasted Tomato Soup. The recipe went out last week to Kitchen Club subscribers and you can see it go down in this Reel.

Stuff to Read

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Watch This

Matty Matheson’s farm makes Marco and I want to move to *the country* and become farmers.

Places I ate

Thursday morning we flew into Park City. Our first stop was breakfast at Five5eeds. A sandwich, especially a breakfast sandwich, is totally the way to my heart and the breakfast sandwich at Five5eed did not disappoint.

We had a super early 5:30 pm dinner at Handle before falling asleep at 8 pm. Oysters and hamachi crudo were phenomenal. The house-made bucatini and mushroom bolognese was…good. It needed something. Spice, salt, acid, something to make It pop. The shellfish coconut curry was also good but not mind-blowing. It was just good.

Thing Everybody Needs

Long ago I shared about a Cuisinart stick blender that I “inherited” when a roommate left it behind in college. Well, some time ago it stopped working. The motor was trying but the blade wasn’t turning. I left it in the cabinet and added it to my list of items to replace. I pulled it out this week and tried using it just because and it worked! I don’t know what magic happened to it in the cabinet but it works like normal and I was reminded how much stick blenders ROCK! You need one!

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Animal Cuteness

Gus. Out of all the random dogs I pet in Park City he is my favorite.

Talk to you next week when I am well rested and back cooking in my kitchen!

Xx, M